I remember the day so clearly. I was at the airport waiting for my parent’s flight to arrive when my doctor called me to tell me I had celiac disease. The next words I remember hearing was that I could no longer eat gluten. I thought to myself, “What is gluten anyway?” After getting that initial […]


I can’t stop thinking about this gluten-free cooked eggplant salad!  Before I share the gluten-free recipe, let me back up a little… Last month I was in Israel and learning all about the Israeli people and immersing myself in the culture. One of the best parts about traveling to the area was the food – […]

Today’s post is dedicated to my obsession with trying to find the perfect gluten-free chocolate chip cookie recipe. I have tried many gluten-free chocolate chip recipes in the past, but I have yet to pin down a favorite. I’m still testing them and when I create or find that perfect batch of ooey, gooey gluten-free chocolate chip […]

I just love sharing gluten-free crisp recipes. I stopped making (or trying to make) gluten-free pie crust long ago and instead focus on making delicious gluten-free crisps (it’s one of the hacks I feature in my gluten-free hacks article). Gluten-free crisp recipes are so much easier to make than gluten-free pie recipes – and the […]


As a gluten-free blogger, I’m asked to try a lot of products. Some I accept, some I don’t. When Ryan Austin asked if I’d try the Gluten-Free Lemon Pound Cake by Magnolia Mixes, a company founded by his mother, I thought what fun it would be to support this family business… plus, the idea of eating […]


My kids love to play with food (and guess what, so do I). As I was flipping through the People magazine holiday edition, I came across a “recipe” for an adorable marshmallow snowman craft. All the ingredients could be found gluten-free, so I decided to give it a try and play with my food! The […]

Gluten-Free Holiday Gift Guide

GF Holiday Gift Guide

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