Gluten-Free Dinner Rolls 1
Gluten-Free Dinner Rolls 1

Gluten-Free Dinner Rolls – Paleo

June 28, 2017

These dinner rolls have a crunchy exterior and doughy inside. Add a little butter and you won't believe you're eating gluten-free!

  • Prep: 10 mins
  • Cook: 1 hr
  • 10 mins

    1 hr

    1 hr 10 mins


1 1/4 cups Honeyville blanched almond flour

5 Tbsp psyllium husk

2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp Kosher salt

1/4 tsp black pepper

3 egg whites

1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar

1 1/4 cups boiling water

Toasted sesame seeds (for topping)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

In a food processor using the dough blade, combine all dry ingredients (almond flour, psyllium husk, baking powder, salt and pepper). Pulse mixture 4-5 times.

Add eggs whites, apple cider vinegar and boiling water to food processor and blend well. The mixture is sticky, so stop blending after 10 seconds to scrape the sides. Continue blending then scraping until mixture is well combined, about 45 seconds.

While mixture is settling, prepare a baking sheet with parchment paper or non-stick silicone sheet.

Add a little avocado oil to your hands, then scoop a ball of the dough and shape into a dinner roll. You will want to divide the mixture into six rolls.

Place each roll on the baking sheet and sprinkle sesame seeds of choice on top.

Place rolls in the oven to bake for 50 minutes to 1 hour. The outside of the roll will be lightly browned and the middle should be cooked through.

Remove rolls from the oven and cool for 10 minutes before enjoying.


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  1. Made these yesterday. Not sure what I did wrong but they came out with empty inside. I don’t have a big food processor so used my hands to knead it. Could it be that it was not enough kneading? The crust is really tasty though so I am pretty sure the whole rolls would be a perfect taste too.

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