Freeze Dried Fruit Chocolate Bark 5
Freeze Dried Fruit Chocolate Bark 5

Chocolate Bark with Freeze Dried Fruit

November 30, 2017

Enjoy this sweet and crunchy chocolate bark recipe using Honeyville's freeze dried fruit of choice.

  • Prep: 15 mins
  • 15 mins

    15 mins

  • Yields: About 15 pieces


3 cups chocolate chips

2 cups of freeze-dried fruits of choice (I used blueberries and strawberries)


Line a 9" x 13" baking sheet with parchment paper. Set aside.

Microwave chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl for about five minutes on 50% power. Stir after 2 minutes, then again for every 30 seconds until completely melted.

Spread chocolate mixture atop parchment paper until the sheet is completely covered in an even layer of melted chocolate.

Generously sprinkle Honeyville freeze-dried fruits atop the chocolate mixture. Gently press down on fruits to secure into place.

Refrigerate mixture for 2 hours or overnight before breaking into chucks and serving.


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  1. If you use a cereal like rice krispies do you first stir into the liquid chocolate then spread and add toppings? This looks interesting. I’m working on making my own cranberry, almond bars for hiking. I want a choclate layer but not a lot maybe even just drizzled over the top. Also I make a carmel cashew and coarse sea salt candy treat that can have a drizzle of chocolate or not. I prefer without chocolate but I made the whole recipe up when after 40 plus years of making turtles with raw pecans for family I wanted a few treats for myself. I’m sensitive to raw pecans. Yes can tolerate cooked but even roasted pecans can trigger problems. So I just don’t eat any turtles. I had a three plus pound jar of lovely cashews on hand and the light bulb went on over head while making the turtles and I prepared a few clusteres of cashews at the end of the 60 clusters of pecans. And had enough carmel to pour over the cashews. I decided to skip the chocolate layer on the cashews and went with sea salt. Don’t use black sea salt…..LOL…I had black smudged candy. Now I use white or pink salts but the very coarse variety. One could use fresh ground and even finer ground if that’s all you had just be careful not to sprinkle on too much. Oh and I love chocolate by the way especially the deep semi sweet kind and make my turtles with that….but the chocolate for some reason masks the true deliciousness when using just cashews. Now it’s become a favorite for others too and I do drizzle just a light touch of chocolate on about 1/3 the cashews and top with salt on these too. Not nearly as rich as the turtles who are smothered in the chocolate. (Some folks do prefer milk chocolate to the dark but as of late everyone we share these with during the holidays prefers the richer DARK chocolate.) I believe I’ll give your technique a trial run using both the freeze dried strawberries…have an open can right now and some dried cranberries I have in the freezer. Yes we have the freeze dried blue berries, raspberries and peaches too from Honeyville. But cranberries go so well with almonds. I haven’t prefected a base cereal layer yet for the bars. My husbands input has been to make a logan bar recipe and go with that. NO logan bread makes a very dense product almost impossible to bite. As much as we were into making and adjusting many logan bread recipes in the 70’s when we caved/ climbed/ hiked etc. none of these recipes would be right for a base layer for what I have in mind. When you can pay as much as three dollars for one tiny almond/cranberry bar the incentive to make your own and even perfect it is there. Anyway if you have any suggestion for a cookie like base or cereal base I’m thinking more along the lines of…let me know. I don’t want a sweet one…as in no honey or syrups to hold the cereal together like some cereal bars have. I am not into granola bars as such and my husband won’t touch them. Thanks for your share on the chocolate barks.

  2. You should definitely try Erewhorn Brown Rice cereal – it’s gluten-free and crunchy. Here is where you can get it.
    Mix the cereal into the chocolate – it’s like eating a Nestle Crunch Bar.
    Enjoy Life used to make a crunchy flax cereal that worked really well, but I think the cereal has been discontinued.
    Let me know how it turns out!

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